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All right, I think we are ready to put up our first requesting post. :)
If you have graphics you would like us to make, here is the place to make you request. But before you do so, we have a few rules.

(1) You must make your request before the date mentioned below. If you dont, sorry, but we wont make it. You will have to wait until the next Request post. And please only request ONE graphic.
(2) Please include a detailed explanation of what you are requesting. Some things to include are colors, size, text (includes what it should say and what color, font, etc), and examples of what it should look like. And, pictures are preferred, but not required.
(3) You MUST! credit us for the graphic. If you dont, we will report you and put you up on our banned list. If you have any questions about crediting, please ask. We are happy to answer your question.
(4) Please comment in response to whatever graphic we give you so we know you got it.
(5) Be nice. We are very inclined to refuse or ignore your request if you are rude to us in any way. So, be polite to us, and we will be polite to you. Use common sense, people. :)
(6) Enjoy! Okay, if you dont like how we make graphics DONT request anything. But otherwise, we hope you enjoy our work enough to come back later. We like making graphics and appreciate those who appreciate us.

Okay, so those are the rules. We reserve to change them at any time, but I dont think we will, so no worries.

requests are open CLOSED
Requesting closes March 20, 2005.

OKay, go on and Request (just reply to this post)! Have fun! Stay in school! And dont drink and drive!

P.S. The only graphics we dont make are blends and LJ layouts. Pretty much anything else you request can be filled. Thanks. :)
P.P.S. If we get a sense that you didnt read the above rules, we will not fill your request, so please, for your own sake, read the rules.
Thanks :)
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