Herald Gryphon (gods_griffin) wrote in minion_graphics,
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Some Graphics for the masses... lol!

With that last one, please credit, and keep the caption:

Abuse is NOT cool. No matter what.

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Well, duh, I want you to credit for all of them! *glares around*
I'm the person who asked if you could make an icon for me. I added you to my friends list okay? And can you make one for me?

If so, I would like one of Jerry, from the Bachelorette and Fabrice from the Bachelorette on the icon together and it could say something like, They loved to hate eachother. Or something of that sort, how they hates eachother...Please...thank you!
Certainly! You are looking for me and not Monkey, right? I can't make moving icons- I dont have the right program. If you want that, it's funkimunki198. But I can do stationary icons and would love to! Let me know which of us you want, and then I -or Monkey- will get to work!
You can do it!
Excellent. I shall get started as soon as I can!
thank you!
hey, can you get me a pic of Fabrice? I'm not finding one...
i don't know where one is, sorry!